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The 6th Sense Bladed Keel Weighted Hooks are perfect for our Sweep, Divine Swimbaits, as well as other soft plastics swimbaits and jerkbaits. This widegap hook design provides the perfect amount of gap to allow larger bodied plastics to compress down and ensure a solid hook-set every time. Each Keel Hook is equipped with a screw-lock bait keeper that not only makes this hook weedless but also gives the bait more action and delivers a presentation fish cannot resist. The Keel-shape weight design sinks your bait quickly while maintaining stabilization to prevent rolling keep your bait running true, cast after cast. The blade incorporates a flash that imitates another bait fish swimming with your desired soft plastic. Available in FIVE (5) different size/weight combinations. (2pk)

6th Sense Keel Weighted Hook

PriceFrom $4.99

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