Baitfeeding spinning reels lend tremendous function to anglers. And this is not just in saltwater fisheries where baitfeeding spinning reels allow live baits to swim uninhibited. Use of baitfeeders is expanding dramatically in freshwater applications also, in fisheries like trout and catfish, where it’s to the angler’s advantage to ensure fish have a solid hold of baits before setting the hook. The venerable Okuma Avenger ABF spinning reels have undergone numerous upgrades to form and function in this refined and advanced selection. Okuma Avenger's baitfeeding system allows anglers to disengage their spinning reel spool and allow their bait to run freely. The baitfeeding system incorporates a secondary micro-adjustable drag system at the rear of the reel that allows for precise adjustment of the spool for bait control. In order to disengage this system simply turn the handle. The On/Off lever on the rear of the reel will automatically disengage the baitfeeding system so you can fight your fish with the main drag system.

Model: ABF-1000

Gear Ratio: 5.0:1

Bearings: 6+1BB

Weight: 7.1oz

Line Retrieve: 24.0”

Max Drag: 6lbs

Mono Capacity 280/2 (0.15), 140/4 (0.21), 100/6 (0.24)


Model: ABF-4000

Gear Ratio: 5:0:1

Bearings: 6+1BB

Weight: 11.7oz

Line Retrieve: 31.1"

Max Drag: 22lbs

Mono Capacity: 0.25/310, 0.3/190, 0.35/130


Model: ABF-6000

Gear Ratio: 4:5:1

Bearings: 6+1BB

Weight: 17.1oz

Line Retrieve: 31.5"

Max Drag: 26.5lbs

Mono Capacity: 0.3/320, 0.35/225, 0.40/170


Model: ABF-8000

Gear Ratio: 4:5:1

Bearings: 6+1BB

Weight: 17.8oz

Line Retrieve: 34.3"

Max Drag: 26.5lbs

Mono Capacity: 0.4/230, 0.45/180, 0.50/140

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Spinning Reels