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Mesh5/8" squared (1-1/4" stretched)

Material0.40 mm diameter monofilament

ColorGreen(6' only), White(7', 8', 9', 10' and 12' only)

Target BaitBait Size 6" to 9". Finger Mullet, Ballyhoo, Large Shrimp, and Cigar Minnow/Head Tails.

Standard Features

Handcrafted workmanship

1.5lbs of lead per radius foot (fast sinking)

Each lead is securely crimped to lead line, preventing movement and prolonging life of net (Except for 1/2" sq. mesh Bait Busters)

6 panel design

Patented Dragon Head swivel (conventional swivel on 10 ft./white)

100lb test brail line

25ft of premium poly-braided hand-line

*Check your local and state net/method of take regulations.

*We are not responsible for misuse, fines or any other violations.*

*Cast Nets may be removed from container/bucket due to shipping restrictions. Effective 1/1/2022*

Bait Buster Menheden Cast Net

PriceFrom $129.99

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