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The ultimate in smart sonar fishing, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ uses integrated GPS to turn your Deeper into an amazing mapping device.

Boasting a wifi connection that enables great range and huge data transmission, what sets the Pro+ apart is its integrated GPS. This enables it to create real-time bathymetric maps of the site you’re fishing, allowing you to pinpoint exact features in a way that was only previously possible using boat-mounted consoles. These maps can be saved and shared, and are available online and offline. With an 100m / 330 ft range and a scanning depth of 80m / 260 ft, this GPS enabled, map-making device is ideal for the most demanding anglers and the most extreme conditions.


Material: ABS enclosure, Titanium inserts

Compatibility: Learn more

Sonar Type: 3 Frequency - Narrow 675 kHz (cone angle 7°), Medium 240 kHz (cone angle 20°), Wide 100 kHz (cone angle 47°)

Target Separation: 1 cm Narrow beam, 2.4 cm Medium beam, 2.4 cm Wide beam

Depth Range: 15 cm - 100 m

Sonar Scan rate: Up to 15 / second

Temperature sensor: Water surface temperature sensor in Celsius / Fahrenheit

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 40°C / -4°F to 104°F

GNSS (Global Positioning Systems Supported): GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS

Operating Time: Up to 9 hours (depending on usage)

Charging Technology: Fast charge, 80% in 45 min., 100% in 75 min.

Internal Battery:  Li-Ion, 3.7V Rechargeable, 950 mAh

Outlet Adapter (not included in the box, recommended):  Input 110V/220V. Output Micro USB, 5V 2A

Connection type: Wi-Fi

Connection Range: Stable connection up to 100 m

Colour: Black

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

$229.99 Regular Price
$199.99Sale Price

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