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Do-It’s Essential Series Plastisol, making and fishing your own soft plastic baits has never been easier or more affordable.

The Crystal Clear Plastisol, that has been available for the last several years, was developed with the finest ingredients and the goal of making it the best available. The Essential Series plastisol has been in the works for well over a year. The idea was to build the best value plastisol on the market. Simply put, we used some lesser refined resins and components, that had a lower cost. By the time we finished this project, the result was much better than what we had hoped for. This stuff is good. It has low odor and good heat resistance when cooking and makes great clear baits. Once cured, it’s very supple with super elasticity, and all at a price that the average Joe can swallow.

Like Crystal Clear, the new Essential Series is phthalate free. We feel this is a very important factor for our customers to consider concerning the plastic that they are using in their home shop and in the baits that they fish with. This brings peace of mind that they are using the finest quality, and safest plastic on the market while saving money doing it.

Do It Essential Series Plastisol

PriceFrom $21.99