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Doc's manufactured quality catfish baits since 1927. The people at Doc’s prided themselves in the quality of their catfish baits. They are designed with you the fisherman in mind. MondoCat is now producing catfish dip following the well established Doc's recipe.

Dip Baits are made to stick to a plastic worm rig (Doc’s Super Worms) and designed for the scent to milk off faster than the dough baits. This fast milking action is the reason for the fast catching ability of our Dip Baits.

Dip Baits should produce catfish in no more than 10 to 15 minutes per fishing hole. If you haven’t had any results by that time, your best bet would be to move to a different spot. Stink baits have been proven over and over again to provide the fisherman with consistent cat fishing pleasure, providing you fish it in the right way at the right place.

Doc’s Catfish Bait

PriceFrom $4.99

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