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FishLab Tackle is becoming known for its high-quality baits and lifelike swimming actions and this is no exception with the introduction of the Bio-Minnow swimbaits for 2020.
The Bio-Minnow Swimbait is a soft bodied T-Tail swimbait that is designed to start kicking the instant the bait comes through cover and kicks at slow or fast retrieve.


Available in 4” these lightweight baits are great for skipping under docks or overhanging trees and can be fished in the heaviest of cover.  These baits can be rigged weedless and are designed to be fished on a weighted screw lock swimbait hook. With Baitfish, Minnow, Hitch, and Sexy Shad as the color patterns, the Bio-Minnow will be able to mimic your forage fish perfectly.  The 4” comes with thee baits per.

Fishlab Bio-Minnow Soft Swimbaits


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