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The COMPLETE GARMIN FORCE WIRE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM comes with everything to meet your needs with the Garmin Force trolling motor. 


The system contains:

-A set of wire management clips to hold the wire from the transducer to the unit. Wire clips hold the wire to the shaft of trolling motor so no wire ties or black tape is needed. (Also sold separately) 

-The Garmin Force wire management bracket connects under the trolling motor head where the kickstand is mounted, or on the opposite side (choice of user). This bracket keeps the wire from getting into the pinch points of the trolling motor and from stowing or deploying. (Also sold separately)

-The tube connects to the power wire using the provided mounting hardware. This tube is used to keep the wire tight and clean to the base of the trolling motor, preventing the wire from being cut or damaged.

Garmin Force Wire Management System By EZ Drift


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