All Green Hellcat Rods are sold out. 

Attention: $119.95 is the introductory price. 

Take your fishing gear to a whole new level with the all-new Hellcat rod series. The Hellcat rod models were designed and engineered with next-level performance features, unlike anything you have seen from us at Catch The Fever!
						Action			Lure Weight			Line Weight			Length							Medium (Coming Soon)			1-6 Oz			10-40 LB			7' 6"							Medium-Heavy (Coming Soon)			1-10 Oz			10-50 LB			7' 6"							Heavy			2-16 Oz			20-60 LB			7' 6"							Extra Heavy			4-20 Oz			30-80 LB			7' 6"

HELLCAT Big Cat Fever Casting Rods