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The Hustler series is the fourth installment to an ever-growing collection of DCVR Rods. We took the same, exclusive DCVR Paratek Carbon Technology from our previous creations and packed it into 8 different models to a create a budget friendly, high-performance set of tournament grade rods! Durable. Sensitive. Parabolic.


DCVR AWG (All-Weather-Grip)- No matter the weather, you won't worry about setting the hook when holding the AWG By DCVR. Wet or dry, the AWG provides perfect traction, all day comfort, and great sensitivity!


Exclusive "Paratek" Technology

DCVR Rod's exclusive "Paratek Technology" employs the latest advances in carbon fiber manufacturing to produce unique blends specific to each rod action! Our process creates parabolic tendencies in the action of the rod, while maintaining the benefits of conventional rod actions. This translates into more forgiveness without sacrificing strength and sensitivity. At the end of the day, Paratek Technology allows you to step up your game and put more fish in the boat!


Recommended uses:

H70SM - 7'0" Medium Fast – Spinning – Tube, Drop Shot, Shakey Head, Ned Rig

H76CH - 7'6" Heavy Fast – Flipping, A-Rig, Large Jig

H76CMH - 7'6" Medium Heavy Fast – Carolina Rig, Swimbaits, Texas Rig, Swing Head Jig

H73CH  - 7'3" Heavy Fast – Jigs, Flipping

H73CMH - 7'3" Medium Heavy Fast – All Purpose – Texas Rig, Chatterbait, Flipping, Jig, Big Worm

H73CM - 7'3" Medium Fast – Rattle Trap, Medium Crankbait, Large Topwater, Spinnerbait

H70CM - 7'0" Medium Fast – Small Crankbait, Topwater

H610CMH - 6'10" Medium Heavy Fast – Close Quarters – Spinnerbait, Light Flipping, Chatterbait

Jenko DCVR Hustler Rod


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