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The Brute Series Demon Dragons are hand painted with a high quality clear coat to increase durability and sealing the Demon Dragon! The Monty's Madness Edition is a silver top that transitions to a dark red bottom with a large scale pattern on the side which imitates a wounded shad! The Brute Series are 5 1/2” long from end to end with a single eye on each end. This allows The Brute Series Demon Dragon to be tied on to a leader, or use a clip to attach it to a leader and float monster baits and catch that PB you have been looking for! Use these in place of a peg float on your Santee Cooper Rig! Demon Dragons are guaranteed to be the top of the line floats!


Each Package contains 3 of The Brute Series Monty's Madness Demon Dragons.

Monty's Madness “The Brute Series” Demon Dragons


Buy 2 & Save 10%

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