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Take your crappie fishing to the next level with the all-new Precision Cast rod series by Catch The Fever. For over a year CTF have worked with professional crappie angler Whitey Outlaw with an impressive 50 years of recreational and 40 years of professional tournament angler experience. Their mission was to develop a trolling rod series unlike anything anglers have seen before, the Precision Cast Rod Series. The Precision Cast rod blank was specifically designed by Catch The Fever using the highest quality rod blank materials to be lightweight, durable while providing unmatched sensitivity to detect even the slightest and softest of bites. No matter what your casting techniques are for targeting giant slab crappie, the Precision Rod Series will help you land that next trophy of a lifetime.

Precision Cast Crappie Rods by Catch The Fever

PriceFrom $69.99

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