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The Pro-Guide Lithium PGL09 is the perfect battery for that small sonar unit on your Kayak, or that Ice Fishing pack that you're taking to the fish shack!


Pro-Guide Lithium PGLM09

With A Cycle Life Rated Up To 2500 Cycles, The Pro-Guide Lithium PGLM09 Battery Is Your New Favorite Choice For Powering Your Boating & RV Adventures, Solar Storage, And More

  • When you need power that’ll last, the PGLM09 is there to support you. Get more of out your fish finder, kayak, or other finesse applications
  • With cycle lives rated beyond 2500 cycles @ 80% DOD and a capacity of 9Ah or 115Wh, you get a battery that performs at a high level over its whole lifespan
  • With F2 terminals, a secure connection is quick and easy, maximizing your time on the water
  • At only 2.65lbs, this battery will efficiently power your application without weighing you down!

Pro Guide PGLM09 Lithium Battery


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