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Like all CrushCity™ baits, the Cleanup Craw™ was crafted from the mind of Jacob Wheeler to make his dream craw bait. At 3.5 inches long, the Cleanup Craw™ is the ultimate bass snack. Back ribs allow the angler to rig either side of bait to maximize usage and helps hide hook point. Forward-facing legs provide subtle, secondary action with the slightest movement. Claws provide tight-kicking action.


Tight Kicking Action Claws

Perfect for Flipping, Punching, Dragging or a Trailer

Soft Ribbed Hook Slots on the Back to Protect Hook Point

Smart Injection Technology™ Combines Custom Combinations of Color, Flake, Salt and Scent, that are Added Precisely Where Needed for the Perfect Presentation

7 baits per pack

Rapala Crush City Cleanup Craw


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