The New RIGRAP PAC-ALL Is one of the most innovative tackle bags ever created. The PAC-ALL can be used on its own, or using its adjustable straps, it can fit over the RIGRAP RIGPAC-60 or fit over any other tackle bag or box. It can be draped over a seat, strapped to the any onboard tubing or strapped to the back of a seat. The PAC-ALL features 11 storage pockets for large and small tackle trays along with room for a huge assortment of RIGRAP rig and lure safety storage solutions, accessories and much more, a bottle pocket and tool strap! Made of highly durable canvas type material with vinyl lining inside each pocket, making the PAC-ALL  water resistant and extremely versatile. You can also secure 2 rods to the PAC-ALL for easy carry of all your equipment to your boat, the shoreline, pier or wherever you enjoy your time fishing.

This offer includes just the PAC-ALL tackle bag. 

RIGRAP Pac-All Tackle Bag

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