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Sure Life Better Bait 3lb. Treats approx 2400 Gallons


The Sure-Life Better Bait is a complete water conditioner purposely developed for use on soft-scaled baitfish such as Fathead and Missouri minnows. This dark blue, granular formulation readily dissolves and leaves your fish healthy. For use at the fish farm in both tanks and raceways, in fish hauling transportation trucks, in all types of holding vats and tanks, and both live bait wells and minnow buckets. BETTER-BAIT helps keep baitfish alive and frisky all the way from the fish farm until places on the end of a hook. With BETTER-BAIT in the water, there are much fewer losses and the baitfish are much livelier which helps increase the chances for a longer and more productive day of fishing.



  • Conditions Water and adds electrolytes
  • Removes Chlorine and heavy metals
  • Keeps Bait Frisky.
  • Lowers Bait Losses and reduces bacteria and fungus
  • Stimulates A Natural Slime Coat.

Sure Life Better Bait


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