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Sure Life No-MMonia  3lb. Treats approx 2400 Gallons


NO-MMONIA II™ Ammonia And Chloramine Remover


  • Buffered To Reduce pH Change
  • Removes Toxic Ammonia From Fresh And Saltwater
  • Removes Harmful Chloramines From City Water.
  • Reduces Toxic Nitrite Levels.
  • Especially Useful When Hauling Fish
  • Works Instantly

Ammonia may be present from fish wastes or overcrowding, and will burn fish gills causing death. Chloramines, often added by water companies as a disinfectant, will also kill fish by burning their gills. Nitrites, a by-product of bacteria, will suffocate fish.

NO-MMONIA II™ ELEMINATES BOTH AMMONIA AND CHLORAMINES FROM BAIT TANK WATER. This product also reduces nitrite levels which is a by-product of bacterial nitrogen cycles in closed systems. One tablespoon treats 50 gallons of water. One cupful treats 400 gallons. NO-MMONIA II™ is especially useful when hauling fish; simply check water for ammonia halfway through journey and add if required.

Sure Life No-MMonia


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