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PH-DROP Concentrated Liquid pH Adjuster Makes Bait Tank Water More Acidic Lowers pH. Makes Water More Acidic, Less Alkaline. Reduces White Water Marks. Helps Stop Surface Swimming (Piking). The pH of water may change from the presence of foreign material such as fish waste, heavy aeration, decaying foods, or dead vegetation. If the pH is very high, such as 8.0 on the pH scale (alkaline water), baitfish may suffer from ammonia poisoning, since ammonia is more toxic at a high pH. Most baitfish do best at a pH of 7.0 (neutral on the pH scale). One teaspoon of this orange, concentrated liquid, added to 25 gallons of water, will lower pH by .2 of a pH unit. One cupful added to 1200 gallons of water will lower pH by .2 of a pH unit. The pH will drop more than .2 of a unit if water is very soft. If fish are present in the tank, do not change the pH more than .5 of a unit in any 24 hour period. If fish are not present, you may adjust pH to desired pH reading. If the water is very hard containing natural buffers which resist pH changes and may even cause the pH to bounce back, then repeated dosages of pH-DROP may be required. Always check pH before adding more pH-DROP.


8oz Bottle

Sure Life PH Drop


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