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pH-RAISE™ Concentrated Liquid pH Adjuster

Makes Bait Tank Water More Alkaline

  • Raises pH.
  • Makes Water More Alkaline, Less Acidic.

The pH of water may change from the presence of foreign material such as fish waste, heavy aeration, decaying foods, or dead vegetation. The pH may also be low due to the use of very soft water. A low pH may cause baitfish to go into pH shock causing fish to gasp for oxygen and dart about in tank. Water which consistently turns yellow over time may be an indication of acidic water. Most baitfish do best at a pH of 7.0 (neutral on the pH scale).

One teaspoon of this dark blue, concentrated liquid, added to 12.5 gallons of water, will raise pH by .2 of a pH unit. One cupful added to 600 gallons of water will raise pH by .2 of a pH unit. If fish are present in the tank, do not change the pH more than .4 of a unit in any 24 hour period. If fish are not present, you may adjust pH to desired pH reading. Always check pH before adding more pH-RAISE™.

Sure Life PH Raise


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