The Ultimate starter kit for any fisherman!


20 2/0 Swivels
50 Sinker Slides
50 Rubber stoppers

20 Line Rattles

4 Packs of Tackling Kats Hooks

1 pack of Gillbillys

25 peg floats

50 Quick Clips

25 Ball Chain Swivels

1 Cat Bobber

1 Pack of Structure Snakes

2 Whisker Stix
1 Pack of Demon Dragons

1 Scale

2 Fish Grips
5lbs of sinkers

3 Packs of Crappie Jigs

50 lead head crappie jigs
Tackle Bandit T-Shirt
2 Decals

The Bandit Bundle

Whisker Stix Color
Sinker Type
Sinker Size
Shirt Size
Hook Size
Structure Snake Size