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Vicious Fishing Line Conditioner was specifically developed to enhance the qualities of an already great Vicious Fishing Line. Vicious Line Conditioner can help you improve your fishing experience.
• Cast 25-30% further.......guaranteed!
• Virtually eliminates line memory, backlash, tangles, and twists
• Restores new line performance to old tired line
• Fights saltwater corrosion
• Leaves no oily residues or scents like other line treatments
• Contains no polluting petroleum distillates as in other conditioners
• Fights fading of tackle with high sunscreen
• Reduces water spotting on electronics & sunglasses
• Eliminates odors in confined spaces
• Environmentally safe - non-toxic
• Superior Fly Line Dressing
• Unsurpassed performance in ice fishing

Vicious Line Conditioner 4oz


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